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Dance Gear

Does your dancer need a new pair of shoes to start the year off or maybe their tights have a hole in them again? Below is a catalog of items we normally stock at the dance studio. Availability is subject to change. 

To order simply contact us.

Dance Shoes

Dance shoes run about 2 sizes smaller than a regular-sized shoes. It’s best to come in and be fitted. We recommend coming about 10 minutes early to class to be fitted.

Pink Ballet Shoes

Revolution Ballet Shoes (Pink/Black)

Price: $26

Black Tap Shoes

Revolution Tap Shoes

Price: $28

Black Jazz Shoes

Revolution Jazz Boot (Black/Tan)

Price: $35

Dance Wear

We recommend coming about 10 minutes early to class to be fitted.


Purple Ballet Leotard

Dance Dress

Price: $28 – $32

Black Unitard

Black Unitard

Price: $30

Nude Leotard

Nude Leotard

Price: $28

Live Love Dance Leggings

Live Love Dance Leggings

Price: $35 Child / $45 Adult

Show Exclusives

These are items that can only be ordered before or during the recitals.

To place an order—

LLD Tickets

Recital Tickets

Login to your account to order. 

Pricing: $14 Holiday Showcase / $16 Annual Recital

2021 LiveLoveDance Recital Bear

Recital Stuffy

Cuddly Stuffy with Mini Recital T-Shirt

Pricing: $14

Live Love Dance Recital T-shirt

Annual Recital T-shirts

Pre-Order Only!

Pricing: $25

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Pre-Company FAQs


Why did you start Pre-Company?

We started pre-company because we have so many dancers interested in Company but they are not taking the appropriate classes to help them reach their goal, or they are not meeting the standards or work level of a Company dancer.


What benefits are there of being Pre-Company?

All teachers will be made aware of your goals to join the Performing Company and you will be challenged at the level the Company Dancers are within your own classes but in a way that is still appropriate for your age and ability level.


Does being in Pre-Company guarantee I will be in Company next year?

Not necessarily —many factors that go into determining Company placement. There may not be a group at your age or ability level next year or it may take several years of being in “Pre-Company” to meet your goal.


What’s the difference between Pre-Company and Mini and Junior Stars?

As a dancer, each December and June you will receive a detailed report of how you are doing in your classes as well as what you need to work on to meet your goal of becoming a Company dancer.  


What if I am not recommended to take the required classes yet?

Please email missvalerie@livelovedance.net for recommendations.


What if I fail to meet one of the above requirements for Junior Stars or Pre-Company during the year?

Unless you have an emergency situation you will be removed from “Pre-Company” status and will not receive the benefits listed above.


How do I join Pre-Company?

Simply fill out the section for Pre-Company on your Mini and Junior Stars form and email it back to the studio at info@livelovedance.net

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