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Company Classes

Do you have a serious and passionate dancer on your hands?

The LiveLoveDance Company Mission

The goal of the Live Love Dance Performing Company is to offer a supportive environment where dancers are nurtured and challenged to be the best that they can be, not just in dance but in life.

We do this by using dance as a medium to help others through philanthropic events and performing opportunities, and encouraging our dancers to grow out of their comfort zones. Our dancers explore their creativity while increasing their technical skills in a highly dedicated setting.

We expect all dancers to be accountable to themselves as well as the group. Mentorship is a big part of our company model. Younger dancers should have a higher level of maturity. In contrast, our more seasoned dancers are role models and leaders to the next generation of dancers.


Live Love Dance Company at Children's Hospital

Live Love Dance Company Dancers at Children’s Hospital in June of 2019

Company Class Requirements for All Company Dancers

  • 2 Ballet & Conditioning Classes 
  • 1 Turns & Jumps Technique Class
  • 1 Acro Class
  • 1 Company Ballet Choreography Class
  • (Ballet & Conditioning VA & up only)
  • All Company Rehearsal
  • 1 Company Jazz & Lyrical Rehearsal Class
  • 1 Company Hip Hop and Tap or equivalent recreational Hip Hop & Tap class.*

*Dancers may also be required to take two levels of a specific technique class if they are in between levels. We will provide a customized class schedule for your dancer after company placement day for the upcoming dance year.

Consider the Commitment

Joining a dance company is a year-long commitment. And may not be the best choice for everyone. If your dancer has other high-priority activities, you may want to consider waiting. Read more below on some of the guidelines our dancers must follow in order to be successful Company dancers. Or download the company guidelines here.

At Live Love Dance, we don’t just select dancers for our performing Company — we select supportive families as well. 

Parent Guidelines & Information

Company dancers are required to attend all performances and events listed on the Studio and Company calendars. Before planning any family trips, please check the calendar for potential conflicts. 

Notify the studio director of a dancer’s absence before missing a convention or workshop class for any reason.

Dancers must make up any missed convention or workshop classes at another similar event cleared by the director before the dance season ends.

If a dancer must leave the company mid-year, there is a $75 re-choreography fee per dance.

Check your email daily. As the event date nears, the studio director will send critical information via email.

The studio places students based on teacher recommendations.

The studio director may move a student to another level throughout the year based on the teacher’s guidance. Similarly, a student may move classes to add a class mid-year if they are struggling or improving. Similarly, a teacher may also move a dancer at the beginning of the dance year if they feel they’ve been misplaced within a two-week window.

Are considering joining the Company?

Before you commit, download the Company Guidelines PDF to learn more. And please feel free to contact us at info@livelovedance.net with any questions you have.

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